Entrepreneurship with children: advice for entrepreneur mothers and fathers – part 2

Do you really have no time? I’m going to ask you to be really honest with yourself.

When you say “I do not have time to create my own business”, do not you really want to say “I prefer to dedicate the time I do have to do other things”?

When my children were small, frankly I did not have too much time. Rather the complete opposite.

I worked in my business at night , while they slept, because I had no choice. It was not easy, I was often exhausted, and maybe it was not the best job I have ever produced in my life. But while other dads and moms preferred to watch a television series, I was planting the seeds of my business. He wanted and could be an enterprising father .

And when I had a gap during the weekend because the grandparents had taken the children to the park, I took the opportunity to stay working in my business while other dads and moms preferred to go paddle or go shopping.

I am not judging anyone, nor do I pretend that nobody feels guilty, but sometimes , the problem is not the time required children but how we decide to use the hours that children leave us free (for few they are).

The saying goes that a grain does not make a barn, but it helps its companion; A couple of hours a week are not enough to build a business, but the sum of many hours does. Once again, it is the great power of small victories .

Guilty feeling
If you are a regular follower of the Online Marketing Academy , you know that both here on the blog and in our podcast of entrepreneurs and digital businesses I strongly emphasize that work and perseverance are two essential ingredients to create a profitable business.

As we have seen previously, this implies that entrepreneur mothers and parents must take advantage of every free moment – however small – to carry out their project. Any time is good to plan an epic content , interact with your users on social networks, answer e-mails or launch an affiliate marketing campaign .

The problem is that when you have small children, you will not have many of those free moments .

The normal thing is that when you have finally put the children in bed, you are so exhausted that the mere idea of turning on the computer and getting to work in your business is surreal .

Despite this, some entrepreneurs make the sacrifice and put their business before the physical and mental exhaustion of raising a family – working in their business until late at night or waking up earlier than usual – but, as a rule, this overwork ends up happening invoice .

Creating a business on the Internet is a long career and sacrificing hours of sleep – ahead or behind – is not usually sustainable in the medium and long term.

So, you know what happens?

Of course you know. The dads and the enterprising moms begin to sacrifice family time -watching a few hours here and others over there- to work on their project.

At the beginning it is usually a subtle movement … You start by making an escape to the laptop to write that urgent mail, or you just let the mind fly to another place while you help the child with the homework.

Little by little, the transfer of time between family and work begins to be greater . One fine day, you find yourself working on Saturday afternoon or Christmas day while your Holy Wife or Holy Husband has taken the children to the park. I know because I have done it.

So far, everything perfect, right?

There should not be any problem – because after all we have said that if you want to build an online business you will have to take advantage of the time – if it were not for the feeling of guilt .

And there you have it, my dear and faithful Reader. If you want to start, I guarantee that you will not miss obstacles. But the vast majority of those obstacles are inside you, and not outside.

Undertaking with children is hard. The enterprising parents do not have it easy, and involves additional challenges must learn to cope. But it can also be a competitive advantage.

Everything depends on the color of the glass with which one looks at it.…

Entrepreneurship with children: advice for entrepreneur mothers and fathers – part 1

This post is dedicated with special affection to enterprising mothers and fathers, but although at the moment you do not have children (nor the intention of having them), I think that you may be interested.

You see, it turns out that creating a business on the Internet, already in itself, is a colossal challenge .

Doing it part-time – devoting eight or ten hours a day to a “normal” job while your business takes off – is even more difficult, but it is still feasible if you make the most of the time and learn to multiply your productivity .

When we add the extra responsibility of caring, educating and raising one or several children – the triple inverted corkscrew – the dream of creating your own online business may seem unattainable .

In fact, many entrepreneurs stand behind their children to justify what, in reality, is nothing more than their own inability and lack of initiative . For many entrepreneurs – more or less consciously – their children are a stick in the wheel ; an unfortunate obstacle in the already complex race towards business success.

But do you know one thing?

If your online business ends up failing, it probably will not have anything to do with having children. It may be a convenient excuse , but not a compelling reason.

Since I started my professional career in the world of digital marketing 17 years ago (I did not have children at that time and now I have two ) I have helped thousands of ordinary people to build extraordinary businesses on the Internet. And, it’s not for nothing, it turns out that my best work , my most creative ideas and -in short- my biggest business successes (for example the sale of my first startup for several million euros) came when I had children.

Unfortunately, many other people (with wonderful ideas and fabulous potential) do not even dare to try – especially if they have small children – because they are convinced that they do not have time . That of being enterprising mothers and fathers sounds too complicated.

Entrepreneurial parents: the facts are the facts
If you have children (or are planning to have them), it is normal to be disturbed by the lack of time . It is one of the main challenges of the entrepreneur, let alone the entrepreneur mothers and fathers.

With how difficult it sounds to create a business , how are you going to do it with a full-time job , and also one or several churumbeles demanding your attention practically twenty-four hours a day?

I also had that concern at the beginning, and it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that the real reason you do not end up in action is because of them. But in reality the only obstacle is you .

What is really relevant is not that you have one, two or five children, but how you spend your time and, above all, where you have your head at each moment of the day . The key, once again, is the focus .

When I launched my first blog about the theme parks of Disney back in 2007, I had a full-time job , my own company, two newborn twins (two babies at home at the same time!), Devoured all the marketing books online that fell into my hands, I was a professor of part-time marketing in a major business school, helping other entrepreneurs, we had to move from home …

What would have happened if I had not had children?

Well I do not know. I confess that on occasion I also have shielded behind them to justify any of my many failures, and I too have mounted mental movies about everything that perhaps could have gotten if he had not been an entrepreneur father .

But the truth is that the question is irrelevant and does not contribute anything, because there are things that simply are as they are and can not be changed.

Do you have children and want to start? Do you want to build your own business on the Internet, but do you happen to have or want to have children? Well, those are the facts , now get organized.

Personally, I can not complain . In the end things have not gone so badly, and I do not see why you can not get to start with children you too.

I do not have time to start with children
We all have ( or believe we have ) many things to do: you, me, the neighbor of the room and the most popular digital entrepreneurs in the world. But that does not mean that it is impossible to start with children , or that children have to be an obstacle to consolidate your business.

Do you think that those digital entrepreneurs who managed to build multi-million dollar businesses in the network did not have to study, work or have children under their care when they planted the seed of their business on the Internet?

Do you really think that all successful entrepreneurs had the luxury of dedicating themselves exclusively to their business from the beginning?

Of course not.

Time is a scarce commodity for everyone . You will never have enough time to do everything you would like to do ( or whatever you think you should do ) … regardless of whether you have children or not!

Each and every one of us has many things to do, but only twenty-four hours a day to fit everything . Magic happens when your desire to achieve something -in this case building a business on the Internet- is more powerful than your time constraints.…

Mother’s Day: 5 Tips for enterprising moms

The moms entrepreneurs should prioritize when dividing time, always trying not to neglect work or children.

In recent years, more and more mothers have joined the path of female entrepreneurship . Being a mother and businesswoman at the same time, is a constant challenge that many Peruvian entrepreneurs face. It is not easy to divide the time between work and children.

Given this, Gisella Santillán, product manager of Perufactura.pe , an electronic billing service for entrepreneurs, shares 5 tips to be a mom and start at the same time:

  • Plan your business: Start plotting the objectives so that you can devise the best strategies. Study the market you address before starting the implementation of the business plan. Also, you must take into account the investment amounts required, the time it will take to implement it, the number of partners you need, etc.
  • Use technology: The use of social networks to spread communication messages has become essential in every company. Technology offers more services that can be beneficial, especially when starting a business.
  • Establish priorities: It is important to separate the business from the family as much as possible. By doing so, you will notice that your productivity increases and that family moments are of higher quality.
  • Organize a support team: Prepare the company for its eventual growth. You must always take into account the incorporation of collaborators who can support with ideas and work force. If you have your partner next to you, acknowledge the support you can offer and appreciate it. If you feel you are part of the company, you will have greater disposition when you request support.
  • Take some time for yourself: Not everything in life is work, you must also dedicate time to yourself. This includes your hobbies, doing exercises or just resting: 30 minutes of rest a day will make a difference, reducing stress levels.

5 success tips for enterprising moms

Currently, they still face challenges for the operation of a new company, especially if they are mothers.

41.3% of women in Mexico have good opportunities to start a business in the next six months, according to a report from the Global Entrepeneurship Monitor. Currently, they still face challenges for the operation of a new company, especially if they are mothers.

SPACES, the company specializing in collaborative work, lists 5 life hacks so that enterprising moms can overcome challenges, such as finding a place to work or getting staff.

  1. A free day: Being responsible for a business means that many times you must be on the lookout for work 24 hours a day; however, you must take at least one weekend of rest. In this way you can disconnect and avoid physical and mental exhaustion.
  2. Plan: Carry a daily, weekly and monthly planning process that allows you to keep track of the activities you must do. Taking a moment at night every day for this purpose helps you to organize yourself in the personal and professional field.
  3. Hire a staff: Leadership means that you must delegate tasks related to the business. For this you can hire a staff or team to help you have the best results.

Make job interviews and get help from qualified people for each activity.

  1. Counseling: These help more when you are a person who just started in business. Some experts or entrepreneurs will add value to the proposal of your venture. Remember that admitting that you do not know everything does not mean you are worth less.
  2. An office: When you are a mom, the easiest thing is to use a room in the house as an office; however, it is not optimal. You can search for a workspace near your development area or near clients.

Ten business ideas just for moms

There are many activities with which they can undertake and become successful business women for them.

In recent times the concept of work has changed a lot, and very innovative solutions have been developed for all professionals. One of the groups most benefited from these changes are mothers, since there are many activities with which they can undertake and become successful business women, as explained from SmallBizTrends.

Child care . If you are a father and you have a house large enough to take care of several children, setting up a daycare center is an alternative for those customers who do not want their children to spend a lot of time with strangers and without the care they would give them.
Blogging . Writing a blog based on one’s own experience can become an important source of income for mothers. Especially if they use honesty and describe their family adventures, offering advice for readers.
Event planning . This area of activity is flexible and is very effective for those mothers who wish to adapt their work to family temporary needs. Thus, organizing weddings, corporate meetings or other events can be a plus in personal economy.
Community manager . Being a manager of social networks makes it easier for mothers to take care of their children and the progress of their home without having to leave their home. This profile is especially demanded by multinationals, because they want members in their staff with sufficient sensitivity to face the criticism of users.
Handmade products . Marketing products made by oneself has become a source of income for many people. In this case, mothers can benefit from their experience as cooks or seamstresses. And, above all, of his creativity.
Markets . In line with the previous alternative, selling in a market, either daily or only on weekends, can be another effective alternative to alternate family and work life successfully.
Pictures. Those who are good at photography have a significant source of income in portraits. Whether for immortalizing newborns, couples waiting to get married or family celebrations, this type of work activity will allow you to earn income without the need to break your usual hours.
Review . Another alternative to enjoy a flexible schedule and work from home is to engage in the correction of texts. Both for companies and individuals: teachers, authors or students.
Gardening. For lovers of free time, dedicate to the gardening of others can contribute to improve their economy. For this, nothing better than to start offering gardening services to the neighbors who look worse for their outdoor spaces.
Gift baskets . Whether for Christmas or for special celebrations, the preparation of baskets continues to be an activity highly demanded by society, both business and individual. That is why creating a web page with your best works and spreading it among potential clients helps to have a work activity without leaving home.…