30 Tips for business moms: Part 3/6

  1. Conquer your space. If you work from home, condition a private space and turn it into your office. Let your family know the importance of respecting your privacy and keeping quiet when you need it. This will help you create a routine that will make you more productive.
  2. Coordinates school transportation with other moms. They will help you and you will be helping them.
  3. Buy big. Popular wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club ask their members for an annual subscription, but it may be worth it. In a single trip you can buy food, household utensils, office or school supplies, and even your children’s clothes. Not only save time, but hundreds of dollars throughout the year.
  4. Plan the meals in your home. You plan the whole week’s menu, you can do all the shopping of the week in one trip as we have seen above, saving time and money. Cooking instruments as simple as a crockpot or a pressure cooker will help you cook delicious and healthy dishes with a few minutes of preparation. Once again, use the internet: there are entire websites dedicated to weekly menu planning. And if taking care of your meals steals you too much time, follow the following advice.
  5. Hire someone to cook at home. This will give your family a variety of options, and you can pamper them with their favorite foods during weekends.

30 Tips for business moms: Part 2/6

  1. Always reserve the same time of day for your emails. Set aside a specific and limited time each day to review and respond to your emails. You can do it for no more than an hour each morning without any type of distraction.
  2. Focus on what you are doing . Complete only one task at a time. Have you heard about the ” Pomodoro Technique “? It’s an excellent time management trick. Something as simple as a Pomodoro (a timer like a tomato, like those used to measure time in the kitchen) allows you to assign your tasks in “blocks of time” of 25 minutes to each task and stick to them.
  3. Use an agenda . Whether it’s electronic or paper, check your responsibilities every morning, and separate those that correspond to the home from the work. At the end of the day, review everything you’ve accomplished and organize your tasks for the next day. The minutes you spend planning are an excellent investment of your time.
  4. Schedule in advance your work meetings and your family events. You can use your calendar, your cell phone calendar and even use different colors for each type of event. Try to meet the meetings with which you have committed. Think that reprogramming will rob you more time.
  5. Do not forget birthdays and anniversaries. Make a list of the birthdays of your relatives, clients, and those with whom you have the obligation to give a gift like the friends of your children’s school. So you can buy them all at once in the discount seasons.

30 Tips for business moms: Part 1/6

  1. Expand your network of contacts and meet other business moms. Make networking to get in touch with other women like you. You can do it in person through events, or through the internet. On Facebook you will find groups that may interest you; Meetup is another platform where you can join existing groups of business moms in your area, or even create a new group yourself and propose events.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. Do not get carried away by pride and wanting to show that you can achieve it alone. We all need someone’s help from time to time. The good news is that in the case of business moms, the circle to go to is always wide: from your partner to other members of your family, passing through neighbors and staff of your children’s school. Each person in your immediate circle can take it upon themselves to lend a hand when it is impossible for you: by running errands, buying them or assisting your children with homework.
  3. Hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer to help you with your work. You can hire specialized services for a few hours and adjusted to your budget. Do not think that having a virtual assistant is something reserved only for big businessmen: on platforms like Upwork , Fiverr or Freelancer.com you can find an assistant that suits your needs for very little money.
  4. Use time management tools . There are numerous free applications that allow you to keep track of your activities. Toggl , Remember the Milk and Rescue Time are just three examples, but a quick online search will allow you to find the one that best suits your preferences.
  5. Prioritize your tasks. Start your day doing the most important things for both your business and your family. Remember that not necessarily the most urgent is the most important.

Tips For Choosing Sports Apparel

A healthy body is a subject that worries both men and women. But the comfort they experience while exercising is also important. Therefore, Chinashmina.com brings you these tips to choose the right sports apparel or even custom sports apparel, whatever the discipline you practice.

Is cotton or polyester sports apparel better?

This is a question that surely many have been asked. Sometimes we believe that cotton is the best choice in clothing, because it is an organic material, soft and absorbent. But, it is not always convenient to use it. An example of that is in sports.

To perform any physical activity it is important that the clothing allows the body to breathe. Although there are disciplines that make us sweat more than others, it will always be a good decision to choose synthetic sportswear. Cotton garments, despite their quality, prevent the body from expelling toxins properly, soaking up sweat and ending up becoming heavy.

The sports attire has to be lightweight, to help you eliminate moisture and keep you dry. The right clothing for running , for crossfit, among other high intensity sports, should be polyester and nylon. These are the most recommended textiles to exercise.

Sports apparel for women: between modern and comfortable

custom sports apparel albuquerque

Women are the ones who tend to worry more about how they will look with what they wear. They look for modern clothes, that adapt to their body and that allow them to exercise comfortably in the discipline they practice.


Pants for sports

Among the pants for sports include the jogger, synthetic short, the classic cotton sweatpants and leggings. Depending on the discipline you do, it will be the type of sports pants you will choose.

The jogger is ideal for those low impact exercises, such as Pilates and yoga. The short is recommended to use it on summer days in outdoor sports and, of course, are the most suitable for running . The sports pants are suitable for smooth and constant movements. While the meshes must be chosen.

The classic tights are recommended for any activity because they facilitate mobility and are very comfortable. The capri are perfect for cycling and jogging. There are also short tights that are recommended to use on the hottest days and intense sports, such as speed races.

How to choose the bra for sports?

The garment that most worries women is the bra. Many use the wrong size, or an inappropriate model for the type of breast. Women have many doubts when buying this garment. We explain how to choose the bra for sports .

The most important thing for any type of bra is that it is your size. To verify that this is the case, we recommend that you try it before buying it. Enter the shop’s dressing room and there:

  • You move without impediment.
  • Your breasts stay fixed.
  • You can slide a pair of fingers without problems under the tape that surrounds the cups and back.
  • You breathe well.
  • The fabric does not twist inside or outside.

Depending on the size of the breasts, it will be the type of bra you will use to exercise. The compression, top type, are those that go for small breasts. Those that use cups A and B in their day to day.

On the other hand, if you are large (C and D) the bra should not compress your breasts, but do not leave them in free movement. In this case, the most recommended are those that keep the breasts in place separately.

Men’s sports apparel, comfort is the main thing

sports apparel albuquerqueThe first thing you must determine is the discipline in which you will exercise, so that you choose the right sportswear. You do not choose men’s running shoes if what you are going to practice is field football. In the same way it happens with clothes.

In sports what reigns is comfort. Feeling comfortable is what matters most to men. This does not mean that you will go to the gym with a shirt three additional sizes to yours. Also, do not wear tight clothing that marks areas of your body.

Choose comfortable and quality clothing

Follow these tips so that comfort, avant-garde and what favors you best go with you to your training place.

  1. If being fitness is something totally new for you, we recommend you to wear loose shirts or flannels. In sports stores you will find clothes of your size, whose model is not adjusted to the body. This will be very favorable if you want to disguise the localized fat.
  2. The design, quality, anatomy, durability and antibacterial fabrics are the characteristics that should prevail in clothing. Finding these features in one place will not be difficult, since sports apparel brands work on the constant improvement of clothing for physical activity.
  3. Fashion advances as technology does. So it will be very easy to find clothes with technological fabrics that favor perspiration while keeping you dry. Polyester, elastane, nylon; also bamboo and wool are the most recommended fabrics.
  4. Get dressed according to the sport you do. Fitted clothes for spinning and cycling, loose clothing for aerobics.
  5. The clothing, in turn, must be in accordance with the time of year in which you exercise.
  6. Choose clothes whose price is in accordance with the quality.
  7. Do not lend your sports apparel. These garments are as personal as intimate clothing.

Tips for choosing winter sports apparel

The superposition of layers is the solution for the body to retain its normal heat on cold days. This way you will remove or keep the garments that you wear as you go up or down your body temperature while you exercise .

How to follow this recommendation? First put on a change of thermal clothing that protects you from the cold and releases body moisture. Put on a light layer of other clothes. And finally, cover yourself with a waterproof sports outfit that protects you from the rain.

Synthetic fabrics such as Supplex or Coolmax are indicated for low temperatures, as they help to conserve body heat. Wear windproof jacket and waterproof jacket during this time.

Other recommendations to protect yourself from the cold is to cover the parts of your body that are sensitive to low temperatures, such as hands, ears and feet. Wear gloves, earmuffs and tubular scarves if necessary.

It is also important to note that the jacket that you will wear has front closure and pockets. This way you can open or remove it as the temperature rises and you can store sports accessories in it.…

8 habits of successful people

8 habits of successful people

People who start their day an hour or two earlier, who go to bed before 11 at night, set goals and never give up until they get them. Also, they have patience when it comes to looking for their dreams, those who have these habits, are successful people.

Time can be your friend or enemy, that depends a lot on how you see it and if you wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning or even at noon, it will be the second because the hours of sun you just end blinking.

Many believe that it is simply a myth that getting up early can help you be successful, but what you start to do almost midday, others have already done it in the first hour and have much of the afternoon off or occupy it in other things.

I used to be someone who woke up quite late and always found that the day was going too fast and I could not do ANYTHING absolutely.

That’s why one day I told myself that I should change that habit since I was not getting anywhere, it obviously cost me, but I do not regret changing it and becoming a successful person thanks to that.

I work in the mornings or I fulfill other obligations and look! It is not noon by the time I finish and I have plenty of time left.

Of course, waking up early means you should go to sleep at an appropriate time.

If you have a very busy day, you will not do anything by continuing to force yourself during the night. Take a break, do not demand so much.

I try to always go to sleep around 11 or 12 at night at the most, if it’s earlier, the better. So I am full of energy in the morning and with enough sleep.

People like Robert Kiyosaki and Jennifer Lopez start their day even before 6 in the morning and look where they are.

Many of us find it hard to set goals and when we do, it is very easy for you to give up halfway or when you have not even started it.

I understand your concern in not knowing what you want or what you should aim now, but we all have a dream and to go far, you must set a goal to achieve and give everything to fulfill it.

The actors, singers, dancers and billionaires, did not start being the most famous in the world at one time. All of them started from below and were setting goals until they reached the place they wanted.

An actor who wants to have a role that makes him win an Oscar. A dancer who wants to get to Broadway or a singer who wants to be the sensation of the decade.

Each of them was setting goals and never gave up until they got them.

To achieve your goals, remember that you are also pursuing your dreams and for that, you need patience and know that you will not get anything overnight.

Many times you hurry too much in which something happens, that you change at once and you do not even enjoy the walk and you learn all the things that leave you the way to each goal that you propose.

Patience is a virtue and is one that many lack, but if you want to be successful, it is better to start training to be patient or you will not get much. I recommend you read these biographies of millionaires that will motivate you and make you understand how they built their fortune from scratch.

I was someone quite impatient and one day I went to a convention, I had the opportunity to speak with a very influential person in the area where I want to be successful.

When I told him that I was easily impatient he told me: “You will not get much if you’re always like that and you do not know how to wait. Start small and believe me that as long as you do not stop working for it and look for it, it will come to you what you want. To Caesar what is Caesar’s.

After that I changed my perspective and started counting to three, to have more patience and to take it easy, and he was right, what I have wanted with time has arrived.

In the same way, there are no excuses when doing something and they only do it.

It is very common to see how you put one excuse after another to not do something or not to take the next step, do not do it.

You will not get far and it will be simply because you are holding yourself back, so go ahead and stop thinking of a reason why you can not now or simply, you will not do it and start thinking more about why you should do it and repeat yourself “I’m going To do it”.

Likewise, do not be afraid of mistakes, they are our teachers when it comes to teaching us what we are doing wrong and guiding us on the right path to success.

As Oprah Winfrey herself said: “Failure is just another step towards greatness.”