30 Tips for business moms: Part 2/6

  1. Always reserve the same time of day for your emails. Set aside a specific and limited time each day to review and respond to your emails. You can do it for no more than an hour each morning without any type of distraction.
  2. Focus on what you are doing . Complete only one task at a time. Have you heard about the ” Pomodoro Technique “? It’s an excellent time management trick. Something as simple as a Pomodoro (a timer like a tomato, like those used to measure time in the kitchen) allows you to assign your tasks in “blocks of time” of 25 minutes to each task and stick to them.
  3. Use an agenda . Whether it’s electronic or paper, check your responsibilities every morning, and separate those that correspond to the home from the work. At the end of the day, review everything you’ve accomplished and organize your tasks for the next day. The minutes you spend planning are an excellent investment of your time.
  4. Schedule in advance your work meetings and your family events. You can use your calendar, your cell phone calendar and even use different colors for each type of event. Try to meet the meetings with which you have committed. Think that reprogramming will rob you more time.
  5. Do not forget birthdays and anniversaries. Make a list of the birthdays of your relatives, clients, and those with whom you have the obligation to give a gift like the friends of your children’s school. So you can buy them all at once in the discount seasons.