30 Tips for business moms: Part 4/6

  1. Organize household chores with your children. You can do it even fun. With the help of your children, place a large, colorful schedule in some visible part of the house. Use magnets or clothespins to represent each of your children and have them rotate or scroll through the schedule according to the day and task. On the internet you have thousands of fun ideas and templates that you can print. If your children are older, you can use shared online tools like Google Sheets.
  2. To clean thoroughly hire another person. Even if your children help you, an extra pair of hands can do wonders. The person of your choice can visit your house once a week or every two weeks. If you manage your business from home, a clean and orderly environment will help you be more productive.
  3. Plan the laundry of the home. You can start washing at night before going to bed, and in the early morning the clothes will be ready and you just have to dry it.
  4. Leave clothes ready every day the night before. Both the uniform of your children and their clothes for extra curricular activities or your own uniform.
  5. Keep educating yourself whenever you can. There is a wide range of courses for women entrepreneurs, both in person and online . In many of the latter you can define your own schedule and complete them at your own pace, which is especially indicated if you have little time. Define your weak points and do a previous investigation of what would be the most suitable training for you.