30 Tips for business moms: Part 6/6

  1. Wake up your children’s interest. If you notice that one of your children is interested in what you do in your business, you can assign them small tasks in order to help and motivate them at the same time. And think that also if your children feel motivated you will be creating a legacy: tomorrow they can occupy a position with you in your company or even run the business.
  2. Learn to say no. Sometimes it costs us, but it is better that you commit yourself only to what you really can and want to do. No one said that being an enterprising mom is synonymous with being always accessible, right ?.
  3. Find time for yourself. Do not sacrifice what you enjoy the most: from taking a walk to meeting your friends. Taking time out for yourself will help you release stress and allow you to recharge.
  4. Remember that your family is the most important thing. They are the main motivation for you to start your business. And having free time to share with them is probably one of the reasons why you chose to be a business mom.
  5. Request the right commercial loan to grow your business. Getting a business loan can be a challenge for any businesswoman. However, there are many financial institutions and specialized centers that offer loans and scholarships to women who want to boost or start their businesses.

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