5 tips to adapt recommendation marketing to any business

According to a recent study by Nielsen, 78% of Europeans take into account the opinions of their relatives when formalizing a purchase. In this way, the word of mouth imposes itself on other advertising and marketing formulas such as the opinions expressed on the web about the product that we are going to acquire, in which 60% of those consulted trust, and the reliability of the web pages of each company, valued at 54%.

Recommendation marketing is the solution to improve the sales strategy of many online businesses since the recommendations of our relatives, friends and acquaintances have become key pieces for buyers to decide to finalize the transaction in the digital world.

Although recommendation marketing is an upward trend, 50% of companies say they do not know how to start in this type of strategy and 67% do not have a recommendation program. Thus, with the aim of facilitating access to a reference strategy, Fulltip, a mobile application focused on recommendation marketing, includes 5 tips for adapting recommendation marketing to your business:

  1. Use micro-influencers.

It is a fundamental tool of digital business. Using micro-influencers is cheaper than establishing a relationship with an influencer with many followers. In addition, it is a good tactic to delve into this digital strategy since probably the recommendations of our influencer will have more engagement in the public because the quality of the followers is usually higher.

  1. Look for brand ambassadors.

In the event that your sales volume is not too large, you can find among your customers those most loyal to give them special privileges in the purchase of products. With this you will reinforce your brand image and, probably, you will gain recommendations.

  1. Lean on companies that already work in the recommendation marketing sector.

One way to delve into this strategy is to work together with specialized companies. One example is Fulltip, the companies sign an agreement with this mobile application to make them reach customers interested in their products. After that, the companies contact potential buyers to offer them personalized offers. It is the fastest way to start, try and get the first results.

  1. It uses a WIN-WIN approach.

Involve your recommenders of your successes and benefits. When customers feel part of the growth of a company, it improves their loyalty. In addition, they will value the product better and recommend it to more people.

  1. Take care of your customers.

Referral marketing is based on word of mouth, which is why the opinion they have about your business is fundamental. A bad review can damage our image, so the treatment and care of our customers is essential. If you already have a good opinion of us, thank them and make them personalized offers. If, on the contrary, you find a negative opinion, try to solve the problem that generated it and offer a voucher or discount that motivates you to give you a second chance.

There is no doubt that with the recommendation marketing everyone wins. Users who recommend receive a direct financial reward, customers get personalized offers on the product in which they are interested and companies grow sales because, according to an analysis, B2B companies that work on the basis of references have 70% more of conversion rate and close 69% faster sales. However, despite the fact that success is guaranteed, these are long-term strategies, so the results are not immediate.