8 habits of successful people

People who start their day an hour or two earlier, who go to bed before 11 at night, set goals and never give up until they get them. Also, they have patience when it comes to looking for their dreams, those who have these habits, are successful people.

Time can be your friend or enemy, that depends a lot on how you see it and if you wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning or even at noon, it will be the second because the hours of sun you just end blinking.

Many believe that it is simply a myth that getting up early can help you be successful, but what you start to do almost midday, others have already done it in the first hour and have much of the afternoon off or occupy it in other things.

I used to be someone who woke up quite late and always found that the day was going too fast and I could not do ANYTHING absolutely.

That’s why one day I told myself that I should change that habit since I was not getting anywhere, it obviously cost me, but I do not regret changing it and becoming a successful person thanks to that.

I work in the mornings or I fulfill other obligations and look! It is not noon by the time I finish and I have plenty of time left.

Of course, waking up early means you should go to sleep at an appropriate time.

If you have a very busy day, you will not do anything by continuing to force yourself during the night. Take a break, do not demand so much.

I try to always go to sleep around 11 or 12 at night at the most, if it’s earlier, the better. So I am full of energy in the morning and with enough sleep.

People like Robert Kiyosaki and Jennifer Lopez start their day even before 6 in the morning and look where they are.

Many of us find it hard to set goals and when we do, it is very easy for you to give up halfway or when you have not even started it.

I understand your concern in not knowing what you want or what you should aim now, but we all have a dream and to go far, you must set a goal to achieve and give everything to fulfill it.

The actors, singers, dancers and billionaires, did not start being the most famous in the world at one time. All of them started from below and were setting goals until they reached the place they wanted.

An actor who wants to have a role that makes him win an Oscar. A dancer who wants to get to Broadway or a singer who wants to be the sensation of the decade.

Each of them was setting goals and never gave up until they got them.

To achieve your goals, remember that you are also pursuing your dreams and for that, you need patience and know that you will not get anything overnight.

Many times you hurry too much in which something happens, that you change at once and you do not even enjoy the walk and you learn all the things that leave you the way to each goal that you propose.

Patience is a virtue and is one that many lack, but if you want to be successful, it is better to start training to be patient or you will not get much. I recommend you read these biographies of millionaires that will motivate you and make you understand how they built their fortune from scratch.

I was someone quite impatient and one day I went to a convention, I had the opportunity to speak with a very influential person in the area where I want to be successful.

When I told him that I was easily impatient he told me: “You will not get much if you’re always like that and you do not know how to wait. Start small and believe me that as long as you do not stop working for it and look for it, it will come to you what you want. To Caesar what is Caesar’s.

After that I changed my perspective and started counting to three, to have more patience and to take it easy, and he was right, what I have wanted with time has arrived.

In the same way, there are no excuses when doing something and they only do it.

It is very common to see how you put one excuse after another to not do something or not to take the next step, do not do it.

You will not get far and it will be simply because you are holding yourself back, so go ahead and stop thinking of a reason why you can not now or simply, you will not do it and start thinking more about why you should do it and repeat yourself “I’m going To do it”.

Likewise, do not be afraid of mistakes, they are our teachers when it comes to teaching us what we are doing wrong and guiding us on the right path to success.

As Oprah Winfrey herself said: “Failure is just another step towards greatness.”