Mother’s Day: 5 Tips for enterprising moms

The moms entrepreneurs should prioritize when dividing time, always trying not to neglect work or children.

In recent years, more and more mothers have joined the path of female entrepreneurship . Being a mother and businesswoman at the same time, is a constant challenge that many Peruvian entrepreneurs face. It is not easy to divide the time between work and children.

Given this, Gisella Santillán, product manager of , an electronic billing service for entrepreneurs, shares 5 tips to be a mom and start at the same time:

  • Plan your business: Start plotting the objectives so that you can devise the best strategies. Study the market you address before starting the implementation of the business plan. Also, you must take into account the investment amounts required, the time it will take to implement it, the number of partners you need, etc.
  • Use technology: The use of social networks to spread communication messages has become essential in every company. Technology offers more services that can be beneficial, especially when starting a business.
  • Establish priorities: It is important to separate the business from the family as much as possible. By doing so, you will notice that your productivity increases and that family moments are of higher quality.
  • Organize a support team: Prepare the company for its eventual growth. You must always take into account the incorporation of collaborators who can support with ideas and work force. If you have your partner next to you, acknowledge the support you can offer and appreciate it. If you feel you are part of the company, you will have greater disposition when you request support.
  • Take some time for yourself: Not everything in life is work, you must also dedicate time to yourself. This includes your hobbies, doing exercises or just resting: 30 minutes of rest a day will make a difference, reducing stress levels.