Entrepreneurship with children: advice for entrepreneur mothers and fathers – part 2

Do you really have no time? I’m going to ask you to be really honest with yourself.

When you say “I do not have time to create my own business”, do not you really want to say “I prefer to dedicate the time I do have to do other things”?

When my children were small, frankly I did not have too much time. Rather the complete opposite.

I worked in my business at night , while they slept, because I had no choice. It was not easy, I was often exhausted, and maybe it was not the best job I have ever produced in my life. But while other dads and moms preferred to watch a television series, I was planting the seeds of my business. He wanted and could be an enterprising father .

And when I had a gap during the weekend because the grandparents had taken the children to the park, I took the opportunity to stay working in my business while other dads and moms preferred to go paddle or go shopping.

I am not judging anyone, nor do I pretend that nobody feels guilty, but sometimes , the problem is not the time required children but how we decide to use the hours that children leave us free (for few they are).

The saying goes that a grain does not make a barn, but it helps its companion; A couple of hours a week are not enough to build a business, but the sum of many hours does. Once again, it is the great power of small victories .

Guilty feeling
If you are a regular follower of the Online Marketing Academy , you know that both here on the blog and in our podcast of entrepreneurs and digital businesses I strongly emphasize that work and perseverance are two essential ingredients to create a profitable business.

As we have seen previously, this implies that entrepreneur mothers and parents must take advantage of every free moment – however small – to carry out their project. Any time is good to plan an epic content , interact with your users on social networks, answer e-mails or launch an affiliate marketing campaign .

The problem is that when you have small children, you will not have many of those free moments .

The normal thing is that when you have finally put the children in bed, you are so exhausted that the mere idea of turning on the computer and getting to work in your business is surreal .

Despite this, some entrepreneurs make the sacrifice and put their business before the physical and mental exhaustion of raising a family – working in their business until late at night or waking up earlier than usual – but, as a rule, this overwork ends up happening invoice .

Creating a business on the Internet is a long career and sacrificing hours of sleep – ahead or behind – is not usually sustainable in the medium and long term.

So, you know what happens?

Of course you know. The dads and the enterprising moms begin to sacrifice family time -watching a few hours here and others over there- to work on their project.

At the beginning it is usually a subtle movement … You start by making an escape to the laptop to write that urgent mail, or you just let the mind fly to another place while you help the child with the homework.

Little by little, the transfer of time between family and work begins to be greater . One fine day, you find yourself working on Saturday afternoon or Christmas day while your Holy Wife or Holy Husband has taken the children to the park. I know because I have done it.

So far, everything perfect, right?

There should not be any problem – because after all we have said that if you want to build an online business you will have to take advantage of the time – if it were not for the feeling of guilt .

And there you have it, my dear and faithful Reader. If you want to start, I guarantee that you will not miss obstacles. But the vast majority of those obstacles are inside you, and not outside.

Undertaking with children is hard. The enterprising parents do not have it easy, and involves additional challenges must learn to cope. But it can also be a competitive advantage.

Everything depends on the color of the glass with which one looks at it.