9 mom tips for your business

Throughout life, moms educate their children and teach them certain things that they can apply at the moment of being professionals. His great advice can guide an entrepreneur to grow in his business.

PQS shows you the nine classic tips from moms that will help entrepreneurs:

Stand up straight
Whether you’re getting to know potential investors, negotiating with suppliers or interviewing new candidates, project an air of confidence helps. Eye contact, good posture and communicate a clear voice that someone is trustworthy and competent.

Clean your room
Disorganization makes us waste time. If a business owner does not have a system to organize files on your computer, a free space in the office or long-term management plans, he or she may end up stressed or oversaturated.

Cooperation between competing companies can be incredibly valuable for entrepreneurs. You can achieve, depending on the industry, reduce costs, increase revenue and attract new customers.

Turn off the television and go to sleep
Business owners need sleep to be productive, efficient and healthy. So turn off the television and close your eyes, or dare to decrease your cognitive performance.

Go out to play
Going out for some fresh air and exercising can boost creativity and reduce stress, make someone more productive and effective before returning to work.

Do not go out until the tasks are finished
Each one has a job that he likes more than the other. Have a habit of fixing the difficult first thing in the day. In the afternoon, when you no longer have so much energy, you will need less discipline to focus on the remaining tasks.

Boring? Then stop being it
This is true, those who are annoyed with their marketing or promotional efforts, should realize that their prospects should be too. It’s hard to shake off fear, but doing so is crucial to engaging with an audience and gaining new customers.

There is no one like you
Worrying about competition can cause entrepreneurs to lose that vision of why they started the business in the first place. But they may find it useful to remember why their mothers told them when they were children that it was unique and special.

Give thanks
This past mothers day, those who invited them to eat or talked with them over the phone, should remember to thank them for all the advice they have given them over the years. After all, you will never know when you can have that opportunity again.…

30 Tips for business moms: Part 6/6

  1. Wake up your children’s interest. If you notice that one of your children is interested in what you do in your business, you can assign them small tasks in order to help and motivate them at the same time. And think that also if your children feel motivated you will be creating a legacy: tomorrow they can occupy a position with you in your company or even run the business.
  2. Learn to say no. Sometimes it costs us, but it is better that you commit yourself only to what you really can and want to do. No one said that being an enterprising mom is synonymous with being always accessible, right ?.
  3. Find time for yourself. Do not sacrifice what you enjoy the most: from taking a walk to meeting your friends. Taking time out for yourself will help you release stress and allow you to recharge.
  4. Remember that your family is the most important thing. They are the main motivation for you to start your business. And having free time to share with them is probably one of the reasons why you chose to be a business mom.
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30 Tips for business moms: Part 5/6

  1. Learn to manage your personal finances. There are hundreds of financial blogs where you can learn how to get the most out of your finances.
  2. Rest enough. Try to go to bed an hour early and get up an hour early and respect the same schedule each day. During the morning the mind is more rested and you are more productive.
  3. Stay healthy Make sure you eat healthy and attend all appointments you have scheduled with your doctor.
  4. Set aside one day a week to share as a family. They can go for a walk or just watch a movie together.
  5. Enjoy every achievement. If you got a client or closed a business you’ve been looking for for some time, it’s worth celebrating, whether it’s just with your partner or with the whole family. That is one of the pleasures of being a business mom.

30 Tips for business moms: Part 4/6

  1. Organize household chores with your children. You can do it even fun. With the help of your children, place a large, colorful schedule in some visible part of the house. Use magnets or clothespins to represent each of your children and have them rotate or scroll through the schedule according to the day and task. On the internet you have thousands of fun ideas and templates that you can print. If your children are older, you can use shared online tools like Google Sheets.
  2. To clean thoroughly hire another person. Even if your children help you, an extra pair of hands can do wonders. The person of your choice can visit your house once a week or every two weeks. If you manage your business from home, a clean and orderly environment will help you be more productive.
  3. Plan the laundry of the home. You can start washing at night before going to bed, and in the early morning the clothes will be ready and you just have to dry it.
  4. Leave clothes ready every day the night before. Both the uniform of your children and their clothes for extra curricular activities or your own uniform.
  5. Keep educating yourself whenever you can. There is a wide range of courses for women entrepreneurs, both in person and online . In many of the latter you can define your own schedule and complete them at your own pace, which is especially indicated if you have little time. Define your weak points and do a previous investigation of what would be the most suitable training for you.

30 Tips for business moms: Part 3/6

  1. Conquer your space. If you work from home, condition a private space and turn it into your office. Let your family know the importance of respecting your privacy and keeping quiet when you need it. This will help you create a routine that will make you more productive.
  2. Coordinates school transportation with other moms. They will help you and you will be helping them.
  3. Buy big. Popular wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club ask their members for an annual subscription, but it may be worth it. In a single trip you can buy food, household utensils, office or school supplies, and even your children’s clothes. Not only save time, but hundreds of dollars throughout the year.
  4. Plan the meals in your home. You plan the whole week’s menu, you can do all the shopping of the week in one trip as we have seen above, saving time and money. Cooking instruments as simple as a crockpot or a pressure cooker will help you cook delicious and healthy dishes with a few minutes of preparation. Once again, use the internet: there are entire websites dedicated to weekly menu planning. And if taking care of your meals steals you too much time, follow the following advice.
  5. Hire someone to cook at home. This will give your family a variety of options, and you can pamper them with their favorite foods during weekends.