5 Marketing tips for all new entrepreneurs

5 Marketing tips for all new entrepreneurs

When you are aiming to start a business it is important to have different marketing strategies to be prepared for all kinds of obstacles that may arise. The disadvantage is that if the entrepreneur does not have the necessary knowledge and tools, all these strategies can end up damaging the project.

That’s why it never hurts to do a little research and get acquainted with the world of marketing, in fact, these five marketing tips for new entrepreneurs will not only guide you along the way, but they can clarify ideas and thus have a better understanding of the functioning of marketing.

– You must segment your market!

When the business is growing, one feels the need and the desire to show the product to everyone and try to please all people, but this usually harms the image of the business and does not attract as many customers.

Instead of doing this, it is advisable to focus the business in a single market niche in order to specify the resources at your disposal.

– Know and analyze the competition.

Knowing who your competitors are in this market niche, how they act and what strategies they use to attract more followers will help you measure risks and detect potential opportunities. If you get to know their behavior and their way of acting, you can be ready to combat their marketing campaigns and attract the market to your business.

– Set goals and objectives for your business.

When you know where your business is going and what is most needed and desired for it, it becomes much easier to identify the right path and what strategies and alliances can benefit you the most.

It is important that the goals are specific, measurable and achievable, in the same way, each time a set of goals is completed, new ones must be placed.

– Use the marketing mix!

The marketing mix is ​​the marketing tools that will help you achieve the goals for your business, these are known as “The four P’s”, Product, Price, Promotion and Plaza.

The product or service is what your business offers to the public, which must satisfy all your needs, the price is what the public will pay and this must be reasonable, the promotion is to know how the product will be shown to the public and the place is the distribution channel used. By having these four clear and established P, the business can operate in a simple and fluid way.

– Measure, analyze and optimize business objectives.

Knowing how goals advance is almost as important as having them. If the results are not measured or analyzed, you can never make any kind of decisions with criteria and, consequently, may make decisions that harm the business. In the case that the results have been negative, it is time to sit down and analyze why this happened and how they can be corrected.

Using these five marketing tips will greatly facilitate your new venture, will help you better understand the world of marketing and will take you one step closer to success.

5 tips to adapt recommendation marketing to any business

5 tips to adapt recommendation marketing to any business

According to a recent study by Nielsen, 78% of Europeans take into account the opinions of their relatives when formalizing a purchase. In this way, the word of mouth imposes itself on other advertising and marketing formulas such as the opinions expressed on the web about the product that we are going to acquire, in which 60% of those consulted trust, and the reliability of the web pages of each company, valued at 54%.

Recommendation marketing is the solution to improve the sales strategy of many online businesses since the recommendations of our relatives, friends and acquaintances have become key pieces for buyers to decide to finalize the transaction in the digital world.

Although recommendation marketing is an upward trend, 50% of companies say they do not know how to start in this type of strategy and 67% do not have a recommendation program. Thus, with the aim of facilitating access to a reference strategy, Fulltip, a mobile application focused on recommendation marketing, includes 5 tips for adapting recommendation marketing to your business:

  1. Use micro-influencers.

It is a fundamental tool of digital business. Using micro-influencers is cheaper than establishing a relationship with an influencer with many followers. In addition, it is a good tactic to delve into this digital strategy since probably the recommendations of our influencer will have more engagement in the public because the quality of the followers is usually higher.

  1. Look for brand ambassadors.

In the event that your sales volume is not too large, you can find among your customers those most loyal to give them special privileges in the purchase of products. With this you will reinforce your brand image and, probably, you will gain recommendations.

  1. Lean on companies that already work in the recommendation marketing sector.

One way to delve into this strategy is to work together with specialized companies. One example is Fulltip, the companies sign an agreement with this mobile application to make them reach customers interested in their products. After that, the companies contact potential buyers to offer them personalized offers. It is the fastest way to start, try and get the first results.

  1. It uses a WIN-WIN approach.

Involve your recommenders of your successes and benefits. When customers feel part of the growth of a company, it improves their loyalty. In addition, they will value the product better and recommend it to more people.

  1. Take care of your customers.

Referral marketing is based on word of mouth, which is why the opinion they have about your business is fundamental. A bad review can damage our image, so the treatment and care of our customers is essential. If you already have a good opinion of us, thank them and make them personalized offers. If, on the contrary, you find a negative opinion, try to solve the problem that generated it and offer a voucher or discount that motivates you to give you a second chance.

There is no doubt that with the recommendation marketing everyone wins. Users who recommend receive a direct financial reward, customers get personalized offers on the product in which they are interested and companies grow sales because, according to an analysis, B2B companies that work on the basis of references have 70% more of conversion rate and close 69% faster sales. However, despite the fact that success is guaranteed, these are long-term strategies, so the results are not immediate.



Generally, when people want to keep their carpet clean, they start with the vacuum cleaner, but this is not the right thing to do, as there are different very useful guidelines for cleaning carpets, such as removing their stains and coping. to numerous problems that sometimes arise when cleaning them. One should know that in old carpets, they tend to accumulate stains and therefore over time, they have a dismal aspect. For this reason, regular cleaning can illuminate the carpet and remove all stains. Modern cleaning solutions, as well as stain removers, contain a large amount of aggressive chemicals and emit strong odors. Therefore, with only a few common household products, it is enough to effectively clean the carpets.


It is recommended to vacuum the carpets, every week or every two weeks, on both sides. If you live in places with a lot of pollution or traffic, it is best to vacuum them every three or four days. If you frequently vacuum the carpets of your home you can prolong the life of these, since when cleaning them we prevent the accumulation of sand particles. When vacuuming, the fibers of the carpets are not cut and remain intact, so one of the best options to clean them is the vacuum cleaner. So that the carpets do not get dirty a lot, the ideal would be to also clean the surrounding baseboards and radiators of difficult access.

Once a year, it is very advisable to turn the carpets 180 degrees, for this, take the ends of the carpet and place them at the opposite end of the one that we had previously. In this way, we get the carpet to wear evenly. It is also advisable to move the furniture that we have on top of it, to maintain a perfect appearance.

Let’s go with some tips :

1. Carpets should not be folded, but rolled, so that the carpet does not have creases or wrinkles and look perfect.

If we want to get a better cleaning, we should try to buy a professional carpet cleaner. You can also rent a professional vacuum cleaner to remove dirt better, these types of machines are designed to vacuum well carpets and upholstery.

2. If a carpet gets wet from a flood or gets wet from the spill of a liquid, it is advisable to go to a professional carpet cleaner in order to avoid damage.

3. To vacuum well a carpet we have to divide it into parts, for this we have to divide the floor into quadrants, and go vacuuming the carpet by quadrants.

Plush carpets are the dirtiest accumulate, as dirt is embedded deep in the fibers they contain. That is why vacuuming once is not enough, it is advisable to vacuum them a couple of times and slowly to suck up the dirt on the floor.

4. It is advisable to apply special cleaners on the floor, for new carpets or that have been recently cleaned. Be sure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and do it with a professional team, using the recommended techniques.

To combat odors, add baking soda to the steam appliance, which you use to clean carpets.

5. To remove a liquid stain on a carpet, you must first dry the stain, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water. After that, dry again. Never rub the carpet, because it risks damaging the fibers or allowing the spill to spread further.

Water-soluble stains, such as alcoholic beverages, berries, dung, food dyes, ice cream, sauces, jam, milk, mud, ink or paint, should be cleaned with a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of bleach without detergent mixed with 32 ml of white vinegar, mixed in a container.

6. The liquid that can stain the carpet , such as blood, chocolate, tea, coffee, mustard or wine can be removed with the help of 1 tablespoon ammonia, plus 1 cup water, mixed both in a container, this mixture is not valid for wool carpets.

7. The grease, the oil and the wax , are very difficult to remove, almost impossible, in this case we would put a paper towel in the stain, to dry them.

8. As for cigarette burns , they can be removed by rubbing the hair of the carpet gently with a dull knife.

9. The glue or glue is cleaned with a soft cloth with alcohol, pressed into the affected area. The glue residue will be cleaned immediately.

Who is the most read author in the world?


Surely you have set your eyes on his work many times, although you have never heard of him. The Londoner Matthew Carter (1937) is responsible for more than thirty typographical sources , but reached the Olympus of his profession with the Georgia and Verdana families.

Designed by order of Microsoft, Carter thought specifically to be readable on the screen of a computer.

Before, you worked with typefaces from the printed field or they were rudimentary characters used in the computer interfaces. In the mid-90s they became part of the Explorer browser, and with it, in the homes of millions of people.

Carter also designed fonts on demand for major magazines and newspapers of United States : The New York Times, Wired, Time, Boston Globe, The Washington Post ……

Han Han, Man Who Is Famous for Telling the Truth

Who is Han Han and why is he so famous in China?

First of all, he is the most popular personal blogger in China (running a blog on Sina). Actually, in the game of numbers it automatically makes him the most read blogger in the world!

He is also a young writer who came to prominence at the age of 17 (today Han Han is 29 years old) when he wrote his first novel “Triple Door” which immediately became a bestseller in China. It was even more surprising taking in account that he twice failed end-of-year exams and quit the school.

Why Is Han Han So Popular?

Finally, besides literary career, Han Han is a professional racer. Indeed, he is a colorful figure but all these things together wouldn’t be enough to explain his immense popularity. What makes him the thought leader of his generation is his ability to tell the truth (i.e. “criticize the system”). In China, saying the truth in a way which will both convey a message and not land you in jail is a rare skill and Han Han has mastered it.

He himself referred to his fame in the following way:

Some people are beneficiaries of a flawed judicial system. Some are beneficiaries of a chaotic society. I just happen to have benefited from telling the truth.


In 2010 the TIME magazine listed Han Han among top 100 influential people in the world. Although not to the same degree as Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Prize, this recognition irritated Chinese officialdom as well. China.org.cn published an article in which the author not only accused Han Han in lies but even compared him with the minister of Nazi propaganda Goebbels!

Han cannot distinguish between rumors and legitimate criticism. <…> Han does nothing but present the government as a bully, revealing his poor understanding and low moral standards. Han also cites old figures that have been retracted or denied. <…> People like Han are turning people against the government. <…> To Joseph Goebbels, the mastermind behind Nazi propaganda, lies became truth by being repeated thousands of times. Rumors, essentially lies, don’t become just the truth; they become more real than truth.

I am sure that at this point you would like to know what exactly Han Han is saying to be highly praised by ones and strongly criticized by others.

Below is the compilation of 10 Han Han’s quotes said by him on various occasions either in interviews or in his blog.

Ten quotes from Han Han

1. Following the death of Huang Ju – member of Politburo Standing Committee – Chinese TV channels broadcasted the funerals and the national flags were lowered to a half mast.

Han Han reacted:

It seems that the flag is never lowered for civilian matters, no matter how big.


Of course, we must be strict and scientific, and draw up a head-count. For example, major accidents that kill more than one hundred people could have flags lowered to half mast to pay respects. In our country, this number would definitely be set quite high, at least ten times higher than other less sophisticated countries — first, this would demonstrate that our half-mast flags are of finer quality than the half-masts of other countries, and second, according to current safety conditions for manufacturing and traffic, if the head-count is set too low, the national flag would probably never have a chance to go all the way up.

2. In 2007 and 2008 when China was preparing for Olympics, there was a number of incidents during which the human rights activists and supporters of Tibet tried to sabotage the Games. One such incident occurred when the Paralympian torchbearer Jin Jing was attacked in Paris by pro-Tibet protesters who tried to grab the torch from her hands.

In response, some Chinese suggested to boycott the French brand Carrefour whose management was rumored to support Dalai Lama.

This is what Han Han wrote about the boycotte:

Why is our patriotism so fragile and superficial? When others call us a mob, we curse them and behave aggressively. And then claim, “We are not a mob.” It’s like when somebody calls you an idiot, you hold up a big sign in front of his girlfriend’s dog, protesting that you are not stupid. Although this message would be received by that person, he would still believe that you are an idiot.

3. On February 9th, 2009 the headquarters of Chinese Central TV Channel (CCTV) caught fire following the unauthorized usage of fireworks. This event, however, was ignored by CCTV itself!

Han Han with his trademark wit noticed:

Our officials make big incidents appear insignificant, and hope the public will ignore them. It might not be a big deal to lose the valuable state property, since our taxpayers’ money is being wasted anyway. It either gets burned or eaten away [by government officials]. I just wish the construction workers and the firefighters won’t be injured and can go back home safely


As for CCTV, this is so hard to imagine, such an always truth-speaking media, how could it be hit by such a tragic event? The gods must have been blind.

4. Talking about the movie “The Founding of a Republic” depicting the ascendancy of Communists in China, Han Han wrote in his blog:

The Founding of a Republic is like a love story. It artistically recounts the story of an impoverished boy who was pursuing a rich family’s daughter. The Communist Party was the poor boy, the New China is the daughter waiting to be married, the KMT is the fiancé and all those democratic parties and independents are the daughter’s friends. The boy’s secret to success is to have dreams, brag about future, relentlessly network and make many empty promises. Of course, being unafraid to fight is the most important of all. At last, he successfully married the New China. Apparently, the life after this marriage is not much different than the life after your marriage.

Have you met your promises you made when you were dating?

5. In the interview to Asia Weekly Han Han explained his attitude to motherland:

We should differentiate motherland and mother. Some always said to me that no matter if what I said was right or wrong, I can’t ignore the major matters of principle, and the overall national interest is a major matter of principle. I think this is too narrow. I hope that the aliens suddenly come invade the earth, and only then can they realize it belongs to human beings, not the nation. … The overall national interest and motherland are most deeply ingrained in our education. But many people have vague concepts of them, and they tie the nation and political regime together. This doesn’t matter, and it takes time for them to figure it out. When you realize you’re very poor, you can’t afford a house and you can’t afford anything; when you realize some evil people are living a high life; when you turn to suicide and they demand a fee to get your body out of the water, I believe your spirit of the deceased will figure out a lot of things eventually.

6. In the beginning of 2010 Google had to leave mainland China. It left Chinese internet users with less opportunities to find uncensored information. Han Han , however, doubted whether most Chinese would feel the loss:

Do Chinese people seek out dangerous universal ideals? Chinese people seek them, but they seek them at their convenience. To a lot of Chinese people, the value of seeking such things is not nearly as high as seeking an apartment building or an online game to play. Because everyone’s life is so high pressure, they don’t have any ideals. A mouthful of dirty rice is enough. There’s no big difference between eating it while kneeling or eating it while standing up. Perhaps Google thought that freedom, truth, justice, and other such things would mean a lot to a large portion of Chinese netizens. But in reality, these things are nothing compared to a finding a 100 RMB bill on the street.

7. In another blog post Han Han referred to his celebrity status saying that many people who suffered from injustice ask him to write about their misfortunes hoping to draw the attention of media.

I believe that even if I write it for you, it won’t get that much attention from the traditional media. <…> Most of the letters [I have received] are about so-and-so housing project in which the quality of apartments is very poor, or there is a trash station or power station next to it; many of the letters are about forced demolitions. If you experienced a demolition, that’s not news. That’s life. If you did not burn yourself into ashes., if you can still receive and send mail, and all your family members are still alive, that’s the definition of a happy life. You ought to thank the State for it.

8. In March 2010 a mentally-unstable man stabbed 8 kids to death in primary school in Fujian province. More copy cat cases of attacks in schools and kindergartens followed in the next few months causing nationwide panic.

Han Han’s fans waited for what he would say on the topic.

I don’t want to investigate the social reasons for these incidents. I just want to tell everybody, right here, that when the story of a person breaking into a kindergarten to slash up 32 children can’t become news, you have all been slashed as well. Not even one paper can report on this, because a few hundred kilometers away a grand meeting is being held, and hundreds of millions of fireworks will be released, while at the same time, in your old hometown of Taizhou, they want to hold the International Tourism Festival, the trade fair, and the OCT opening ceremony—those “three blessed events.”

Maybe, in the eyes of all those old farts, you are killjoys, intent on spoiling the big party.

9. Han Han speaks out not only about domestic affairs. In the wake of recent events in Arabic countries he had something to say about the situation in Libya.

China voted once to impose sanctions, and abstained in the vote to establish a no-fly zone, how wonderful. Now, today, people won’t stop fighting over Gaddafi, and of course they have split into two camps: one says Gaddafi is completely evil, a corrupt tyrant who slaughters civilian and blows up airliners and ought to be obliteration by the Coalition. Then there’s the other camp which says these are Libya’s internal affairs and other countries should not interfere, that Western countries either just want to get some oil out of Libya or take the focus off their own internal conflicts, that they have ulterior motives.

So when friends ask for my view, I say, my view is very simple: dictators have no internal affairs, and slaughterers ought to be invaded and eliminated.

10. At this point you might guess Han Han’s reaction to the Wenzhou collision of high-speed trains which claimed 40 lives but wasn’t properly reported by central newspapers.

Every now and then, there’s an accident. The top leaders all show how worried they are. We make someone available to answer journalists’ questions. First we say we’ll give the victims 170,000 kuai apiece. Then we say we’ll give them 500,000. We fire a buddy of ours. We’ve done all that, and you still want to nitpick? How could you all be so close-minded? You’re not thinking of the big picture! Why do you want us to apologize when we haven’t done anything wrong? It’s the price of development.